Invitation au Voyage
Exhibition Catalogue with postcards, Maisons de la Culture Ahuntsic/Cartierville, Frontenac & Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, Quebec, 2002.

Works by Serge Clement, Peter Krausz, Michel Goulet, Isabelle Mayeur, Randall Finnerty, Patrick Coutu, Eve K. Tremblay, and others.
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Fin de Siècle: le Souci
Exhibition Catalogue, Galerie Optica, Montreal, Quebec, 2000.
72 pages. Illustrated. 23 x 17 cm.
ISBN 2-922-085-05-8
$17, $12 for Optica Members
Texts in French and English

Curator: Francois Dion
Catalogue writers: Francois Dion, Luis Jacob, Sally McKay.
Artists: Sylvain P. Cousineau, Robin Dupuis, Randall Finnerty, Pierre Fournier, Germaine Koh, Remi Lacoste, Euan MacDonald, Lucy Pullen, Carmen Ruschiensky, Cathy Sisler.
The "Fin de Siecle" Series comprised four thematic exhibitions addressing issues such as self-anxiety, language and order, technology and the sense of community, that reflect a specific fime. Produced for Optica's multidisciplinary room, the exhibitions gathered the recent art of ten artists from Eastern Canada. The series questioned the traditional work of the curator, exhibition practices and the interpretation of artworks, focusing on exchange and collaboration between participants in a project, as well as the different relationships generated by a critical approach of artistic conventions. The publication reflects the spirit of the project in presenting four visual sections linked to the exhibitions themselves in parallel with three complementary texts: an essay, a dialogue and a work of fiction.

"Finnerty's sweet/sour drawings possess a tongue-in-cheek humour quite rare in 'cause' art."
  A witty take on what we've done to nature, The Gazette, Montreal, February 5th, 2000, by Henry Lehmann.  
"Far from hitting his viewers over the head with animal rights activism, Finnerty quietly plants seeds in their minds. Instead of illustrating the vast amount of space that man occupies, Finnerty exposes the seems, joints and scars, that man leaves behind. His portraits are masterfully rendered without a misplaced mark..."
  Man on Man, Marking Territory and Mastering the Media, Hour, Montreal, January 27th to February 2nd, 2000, by Dayna McLeod.
  "Des dessins qui ne demandent qu'à être regardes. Et l'on consent volontiers!"   Du plaisir a 100%, La Presse, Montreal, January 2000.  
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